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Maintenance Regulations of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine


Equipment needs to perform the most basic routine maintenance and maintenance during a specific period of time to ensure the normal operation of the equipment, reduce possible failures and extend the service life of the equipment. The maintenance requirements for fiber laser cutting are as follows:

Check Parts

Check Element and Treatment


Cooling Chiller
(Use only Ionized water water or special water supplied by a professional water-cooled unit)

Check the water level in the tank and replenish if necessary.

Once Week

Check that the water temperature setting meets the laser requirements and adjust to the appropriate position if necessary.

Check the water circulation water flow of the water cooler for water leakage or blockage.

Check if the air filter on the side of the chiller needs cleaning.

The chiller works normally and needs to be replaced regularly.

Machine Body system
(Turn off the laser when doing this step)

Check that the protective mirror is clean and clean as necessary.

Once Week

Check that the spot on the nozzle is at the center of the nozzle.

Clean the workbench and empty the waste trolley.

Check the safety system such as the door switch.

Machine Body System

Check the wire connection on the Z-axis assembly, safety and reliability of water, gas and laser head connections.

One Month

Check the electrical connections of all drives and reinforce them.

Check for emergency stop and emergency stop operations.

Check the safety system such as the door switch.

Check that the buttons on the control panel are functioning properly.

Clean the machine guide rails, racks and lead screws and fill with lubricant.

Check cable ducts and peripheral cables for wear.

Check that all gas, air, and water connections are safe, the interface is good, and there is wear and leakage.

Z-axis lubrication

The ball screw needs to be filled with oil every week.

2-3 times a week

Automatic lubrication pump

The equipment is equipped with an automatic lubrication pump. When the oil quantity in the pump is too low, it is necessary to fill the oil pump with oil in time.

2-3 times a week

It is strictly forbidden to use solid lubricating materials to prevent blockage of the lubrication pipe.

Laser Cutting Head Cleaning and Maintenance

1. In order to ensure that the cutting head is free of dust, the upper part of the cutting head can be sealed with a masking glue after the installation and commissioning of the equipment.


2. Check if the light comes out from the center of the nozzle before cutting every day. Otherwise, please adjust the light again.


3. Check whether the protective lens is clean before cutting every day. Otherwise, clean the protective lens with isopropyl alcohol or analytical grade (purity of 99.5% or more), clean and free of water marks.


4. Clean the nozzle by checking the roundness and cleanliness of the nozzle before each cut.


5. Check the ceramic ring, SMA wire, SMA pin, preamplifier loose and foreign matter every day, please tighten and clean.


Machine Tool Transmission Part Cleaning and Maintenance

1. The Z-axis guide rail and the screw rod are cleaned with a clean cloth every month. After cleaning, apply a proper amount of lubricating oil (Mobil 00# lithium base grease).


2. Check the integrity and stability of the dust cover every day, and clean the dust cover, iron scraps, iron blocks and other foreign objects on the hexagonal guide rails.


3. Check the amount of lubricant regularly and add lubricant in time.This equipment is a double lubrication system. If the oil volume of the automatic oil pump is too low, the system will alarm. Please use the Great Wall Heavy Duty Vehicle Gear Lubricant 90 GL-5. Reset after refilling.Manual oil pump, once every 15 days, every 30 times, please use Mobil 00# lithium grease.


Partial Cleaning and Maintenance of Chiller


1. Clean the filter every day to ensure good ventilation.

2. The temperature of the chiller is generally maintained at 22 ° C to 28 ° C (the summer high temperature is set to 28-32 ° C, the low temperature is set to 26-29 ° C, please adjust in the summer).

3. Change the water every month (using distilled water), wash the water tank every time you change the water, recycle the dirty water in the equipment with new distilled water, and inject new water.

Cleaning and Maintenance in The Electrical Cabinet

1. The filter of the electric cabinet is removed and cleaned every month (can be washed with water or compressed air) to ensure good ventilation and heat dissipation.

2. The electric cabinet is cleaned once every six months (the environment is bad every month). Before the dust is removed, the equipment must be powered off (Note: Do not touch any terminals within 5 minutes after the power is turned off). Clean the dust inside the cabinet with a vacuum cleaner or a dry cloth (do not use compressed air).


3. Every six months (every 3 months), the industrial computer needs to be cleaned, the fixing bar is removed, and the cover is removed. The motion control card and memory module can be removed and cleaned. Please use a clean, dry cloth to clean.



All Machine Equipment Maintenance

1. The support bar is replaced every six months (according to the actual use), otherwise it will affect the cutting effect or cause the thin plate to be cut. Users can purchase the plate (common 3mm carbon steel plate, 2mm carbon steel plate for the encryption support bar, drawings can be obtained from our after-sales service engineers) and cut and replace. When replacing, loosen the bead on the left and right sides of the support bar.


2. The equipment is cleaned every six months, including inside and outside sheet metal, lighting, workbench, console, mouse and keyboard, wireless hand-held box to ensure the equipment is clean and beautiful.

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