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Auto Feeding Co2 Fabric Laser Cutting Machine

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About Fabric Laser Cutter

Vmade Offers CO₂ Laser Cutter Especially for Textiles and Fabric

>> The fabric laser cutter with auto feeding system fixed with a selective rolling&automatic feeding system,which make the whole cloth processing steps finish in one time.

>> The laser cutting machine for fabric is suitable for engraving and cutting on very long work piece, such as one roller of cloth,fabric, leather, garment.

>> This fabric laser cutter especially applied in fabric and textiles industry

>> The laser cutting system is modular in design as per customers' processing demands.

Benefits of Fabric Laser Cutting Machine

There are several benefits to using a fabric laser cutting machine for cutting and processing fabrics and textiles:

Precise cutting edges,Lint-free cuts: Co2 Laser Cutting Machine for fabric can cut fabrics with a high degree of precision and thus, prevents fraying. Compared to mechanical cutting, laser cutting saves many working steps in further processing.

Continuous cutting from roll: Laser cut textiles and fabrics directly from rolls with conveyor systems and automatic feeders. Capable of very long format processing.

Precise cutting of very filigree details: Laser cutting machine for fabric is ideally suitable for cutting absolutely incredibly complicated internal shapes and designs, even cut extremely small holes (laser perforation).

No fabric distortion: Due to contactless processing, thus, fabric does not deform.

No tool wear: consistently high cutting quality

How Does a Co2 Laser Cutting Machine For Textile Processing Work?

A auto feeding fabric laser cutting machine processing works by using a high-power laser beam to cut through the fabric. The laser beam is generated by a laser source, which is typically a gas laser that uses a mixture of carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and other gases as the active medium. The laser beam is focused onto the surface of the fabric by a series of lenses, and the energy of the laser beam causes the fabric to be vaporized or burned away, creating a precise cut.

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Feeding System

Feeding System

Can be upgraded to electric automatic feeding system

Working Platform

Working Platform

Automatic feeding plateorm, labor-saving, intelligent control

RD Control System

RD Control System

Smart control panel-RD Display work process clearly.

Professional control system, easy to operate

Automatic Focusing

Automatic Focusing

Auto focusing makes the laser head focus easily and quickly. Do not need to adjust the focal length by hand, saving much time and has higher accuracy.

RECI Laser Tube

RECI Laser Tube

Higher laser output power density, concentrated light beam, uniformly light spot, high working efficiency, high cutting speed. The laser tube adopts the special manufacturing technique, the laser beam is sharpen after focusing, the mark line is narrow, the scale is deep, the resolution is high, the picture character is clear.

One Button Starting Fan

One Button Starting Fan

The fan can be started by one button. You can control the fan independently.

Technical Parameters

ModelAuto Feeding Fabric Laser Cutting Machine
Working area1600*2600/1600*1000/1800*1000/1800*1300mm
Laser typesealed co2 glass laser tube
Laser power80W/100W/130W/150W/160W/180W/300W (Optional)
Engraving speed0-800mm/s
Cutting speed0-400mm/s
Cutting thickness0-20mm ( depends on materials)
Resolution rate±0.05mm
Data transfer interfaceUSB2.0
Working voltage220v±10% 50hz 110v±10%60hz
Min shaping characterCharacter:2*2mm letter:1*1mm
SoftwareRdworksV8/ CorelDraw/AutoCAD
Working tablestainless steel net + auto-feeding working table
Supported graphic formatsBMP PCX TGA TIF PLT CDR
Working temperature0-45°C
Working humidity5%-90%
Rsolution ratio<4500DPI
Applicable materialsFabric, leather etc Fexible material
PackagePacking in export wooden cases
The above parameters are la boratory test results, subject to actual operating conditions.

Application Industry

Typical areas of application are the clothing industry, home textiles, medical technology or decorative fabrics such as advertising banners and flags. Textiles can also be made from natural and synthetic materials. Typical textiles for laser cutting are wovens, knitted fabrics, mesh fabrics, sewn fabrics, nonwovens and felts. Their main components are fibers, which are highly flexible and soft.

PU: Auto feeding Fabric Laser Cutter for PU materials engraving.

Fabric: Auto feeding laser cutting engraving machine for fabric clothing embroidery

Leather: Fabric Laser Cutter for leather engraving

Auto Feeding Co2 Fabric Laser Cutting Machine

Auto Feeding Co2 Fabric Laser Cutting Machine

Auto Feeding Co2 Fabric Laser Cutting Machine

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