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Laser Engraving Fabric & Textiles

Introducing laser engraving machines designed specifically for cotton, leather, denim, twill, microfibers, and various other materials!

Customize Textiles & Apparel with a Laser Machine

Why are woodworkers increasingly incorporating a Vmade laser engraving machine into their workspace? It's due to the unparalleled versatility of the laser when it comes to woodworking projects.

Wood cutting and engraving rank among the most sought-after applications for lasers because they encompass a wide range of projects. From cabinetry and photo frames to knife handles, Vmade Laser systems are utilized across almost every woodworking category one may encounter. Regardless of whether you're working with hardwoods, veneers, inlays, MDF, plywood, walnut, alder, or cherry, a laser system allows for the creation of intricately detailed engravings.

What possibilities does laser technology unlock for your creations?

Fabric proves to be an excellent material for laser engraving and cutting, offering endless possibilities for creative endeavors. Whether you aim to personalize leather wallets, precisely cut heat-transfer materials for custom t-shirts, or etch designs onto fleece pullovers for corporate retreats, Vmade systems are perfectly suited for a wide range of fashion, fabric, and apparel applications.

Unleash your creativity with captivating graphic designs! 

When laser engraved, many fabrics produce a great color contrast. Fleece and micro-fibers typically produce a darker look, while denim and sturdy cottons tend to result in an almost bleached appearance. We recommend experimenting with a variety of fabrics and settings to find out which looks you like best!

Embrace the remarkable versatility of laser technology!

Since so many fabrics and textiles are laser-friendly, incorporating this medium into your current product line can help open up new revenue streams. A laser machine will allow you to cut and customize leather coasters, etch canvas tote bags, and personalize fleece blankets, hoodies, and hats. Not only can you directly engrave a variety of fabrics, but you can cut them as well! With an Vmade Laser machine, you not only have the ability to engrave a diverse range of fabrics but also effortlessly cut materials like twill appliques, leather hat patches, PVC-free heat transfer materials, and much more. Expand your creative horizons and tap into the power of laser versatility!

Unleash the full potential of laser technology by combining cutting and engraving techniques! 

Numerous fabrics offer themselves to both cutting and engraving applications. Take leather patches, for instance, which can be effortlessly engraved with precision using a laser and then precisely cut to fit hats, backpacks, purses, and more. Heat transfer materials are another popular substrate that can undergo both engraving and cutting processes. By engraving heat transfer material, you eliminate the tedious task of weeding and unlock the ability to create intricate and detailed designs. Explore the seamless integration of cutting and engraving to bring your fabric creations to life!


From leather to twill, cotton to fleece and so many materials in between, fabrics and textiles are quickly becoming a popular material to customize with a laser. Make sure to check out our Sample Club, which features an array popular substrates (including fabric), where you can find free design files and step-by-step instructions for working with textiles!

Engraving is Easy!

Print to your laser from any graphics software

Laser machines work similarly to office printers, so the process is simple. Cutting and engraving with an Vmade is as easy as following these three steps: select your design and print, configure the laser for your material with speed and power settings, and push GO to laser it!

1. Artwork Setup

Design in your favorite software

2. Material Settings

Assign speed and power by material

3. Start Engraving!

Send the job to the laser and press go!

Which machines are best for engraving fabric?

Whatever the scope of your fabric project, Vmade Laser has a clothing laser engraving machine that will fit your needs, from entry-level systems to top-of-the line machines.

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Laser Engraving Fabric & Textiles

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