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UV Series

UV Laser Marking Machine is known for their high absorptivity, which allows them to mark a wide variety of materials with minimal heat damage and excellent contrast, especially on plastics and organic materials. UV lasers use a highly absorptive wavelength (355 nm) to mark parts. This high absorption rate allows UV lasers to perform "cold marking," ensuring that no extra heat stress is applied to materials, including those with high reflectance such as gold, silver, and copper. This minimizes soot and burrs caused from typical marking and processing.


A: Ultraviolet range 

B: Visible range 

C: Infrared range

If you are looking for a durable and reliable UV laser engraver to meet your application needs, Jinan Vmade CNC Machine Co.,Ltd has cutting edge solutions.

Applications of UV Laser Marking Machine

UV Laser Marking Machine can mark a variety of materials, including:

Plastics: Examples of markable plastics include acrylic, polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), and nylon.

Metal: UV lasers can mark certain metal surfaces

Wood: Marks almost any wood. Wood types used for UV laser marking include walnut, oak, maple, birch, plywood, cherry and fiberboard.

Glass: Our laser markers can engrave glass without cracking or chipping.

Paper: You can cut and laser mark contrasting paper and cardboard.

Features of UV Laser Marking Machine

  • Safety and integrity for sensitive and critical materials

  • Hygiene and sterility for UV laser marked medical plastics

  • Filigree and high-contrast markings with 355 nm and small beam diameter

  • Solvent and additive-free marking of plastics

  • Low-maintenance due to an efficient air-cooled design and long-lasting optical components

  • 360° Arc Compensation Software enables consistent high-quality marks on rotational devices, virtually eliminating distortion


UV Laser Marking Machine Software

Genuine BJJCZ card

Software: EZCAD, control system WIN7, WIN8, WIN10 are ok

Specifications of UV Laser Marking Machine

Laser source power


Laser wavelength


Laser pulse width

3W<15ns@30khz, 5W<15ns@40khz, 10W<18ns@60khz

Laser frequency


Laser beam quality


Marking area

100x100mm, 150x150mm, 175X175mm, 200x200mm

Marking character

0.1 x 0.1 mm

Support computer


Control software


Control system


Unit power


Power supply

AC110V 60HZ or AC220V 50HZ

Cooling mode

Air cooling

Room temperature

-15 ~ 50 ℃

Gross weight


Packing size


How can I chose the right laser machine?

When deciding to choose the most suitable UV Laser Marking Machine, we need to understand the main aspects of the laser type, the type of material to be marked, the budget, and the size of your company.

  1. Laser type: There are mainly solid-state lasers, excimer lasers, and metal vapor lasers. The applications of these lasers are different. For detailed information, you can contact our technical staff, and we will answer you.

  2. The type of material you want to mark: The choice of UV Laser Marking Machine depends mainly on the type of material you want to mark. As mentioned above, there are individual UV laser machines that work best on certain surfaces.

  3. Budget: If you are on a tight budget, then you can opt for a simple and basic UV laser machine that can help you with the basic task of marking your products.

  4. The size of your company: The size of your company is also a major factor in choosing a UV laser machine. If you have a large company that needs to mark many units in a short period of time, then you may need a more sophisticated machine.

If you still don't know how to choose, please contact us.

The Vmade advantage

  1. UV Laser Marking Machine has passed the EU CE certification, the US FDA certification and passed the ISO 9001 certification.

  2. First-class after-sales service: Three-year warranty period, and provide technical guidance at any time.

  3. Rich export experience:Vmade's products are sold all over the world. More than 100 countries such as the United States, Canada, Brazil, Russia, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

You can buy UV laser marking machines at Jinan Vmade CNC Machine Co.,Ltd. We are proud to offer advanced products built for optimum performance and longevity.

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