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CO2 Laser Cutting and Engraving Machine

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About CO2 Laser Cutting Machine

A CO2 laser cutting and engraving machine is a computer-controlled device that uses a laser beam to cut or engrave materials such as wood, acrylic, metal, or glass. The laser is generated by a carbon dioxide (CO2) gas mixture and is directed onto the material surface by a set of mirrors, where it vaporizes or melts the material, creating the desired shape or design. CO2 laser cutting machine is widely used in a variety of industries, including arts and crafts, signage, and manufacturing. Within our selection, you’ll find CO2 laser engravers with power options of 40W - 300W.

Laser Source of CO2 laser cutting and engraving machine:

Within our selection, you'll find CO2 laser engravers with power options of 40W - 260W and directly affects the speed and accuracy of laser engraving.

Co2 Laser Cutting Machine In Several Different Sizes:

The working area of our CO2 laser cutting machine includes 1820 x 1310, 3000 x 1600, 1250 x 2500 mm.

What can a CO2 laser cutting machine be used for?

A CO2 laser cutting machine is commonly used in manufacturing and industrial applications for cutting, engraving, and marking various materials such as wood, plastic, metal, glass, leather, and textiles. It can be used for a variety of products and applications, including signs, decorations, electronics, packaging, and machinery parts.

How does CO2 laser cutting engraving machine work?

A CO2 laser cutting and engraving machine works by using a high-powered laser beam to vaporize material. The laser is generated by a tube filled with CO2 gas and other trace gases and is focused by a lens onto the surface of the material being cut or engraved. The laser beam vaporizes the material, creating a clean, precise cut or engraved pattern. A motion control system moves the laser beam over the surface of the material, following the programmed design, to create the final product. The machine typically has a computer-controlled user interface that allows for the input of designs and settings for laser power, speed, and focus.

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Want to know how to choose the most suitable CO2 laser cutting machine for you? Browse our wide collection of CO2 laser cutting and engraving machine or contact our technical staff to get the most professional guidance.


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