Laser Welding Series

Laser Welding Series

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Laser Welding Series

Laser welders generate a high-intensity beam of light that can be concentrated into a single spot. This produces a focused heat source that enables narrow and deep welds, allowing for fast welding speeds. Due to its effectiveness, laser welding is commonly used in high-volume industries such as furniture, automotive and medical. The process is non-contact, requiring access to the weld zone from only one side of the parts being welded. While various joint geometries can be welded, close fit-up at the joint interfaces is crucial for successful laser welding. Tooling plays a critical role in achieving this fit-up.

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Laser Spot Welding

Laser spot welding is a highly efficient and precise welding process used to join metals together. It is often favored over traditional welding techniques because it can create strong welds without the need for additional materials, such as filler metal or flux. 

Laser Seam Welding

Laser seam welding involves moving or rotating the part being welded beneath the focus head, which allows for overlapping laser spot welds or sufficient penetration when using a CW fiber laser. To achieve optimal results in pulsed laser seam welding, important parameters to consider include the pulse repetition rate (measured in Hz), linear part travel rate or welding speed, and the diameter of the focused spot. Meanwhile, for CW fiber lasers, the crucial parameters are power, spot size, and the position of focus. Precise control over these parameters is essential in achieving the desired level of mechanical strength or hermetic sealing required for each specific welding application.

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