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6 Axis Robot Welding Machine

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3D Welding Machine Introduction

Suitable for large-area space welding, intelligent robot operation, flexible and reliable, can be six-axis linkage, can be welded in any space, not limited to planar welding.

 The fixture can be customized according to production needs. Achieve double-station or multi-station welding operation, save product installation fixture time, greatly improve production efficiency

Raycus Laser Generator 1000W

Raycus Laser Generator 1000W

Raycus has an effcient and professional R&D and production team, which is the top quality in China.

The lasers have higher electro-optical conversion efficiency higher and more stable optical quality.

Fanuc robot

Fanuc robot

It uses the FANUC robot arms and FANUC operating system imported from Japan, making it convenient to use.

Wobble Laser Welding Head

Wobble Laser Welding Head

Wobble welding feature by galvo system; Various wobbling paths like continuous circle, continuous line, spot

weld circle, spot weld line, C type and S type.

Both internal control and external control mode.

Technical Parameters


FANUC Robot M20iA

Control axis


Handling weight


X motion range


Y motion range


Repeat positioning accuracy




Control System


Application Industry

It is widely used in the production of 3D parts such as metal processing, machinery manufacturing and automobile parts manufacturing.

6 Axis Robot Welding Machine

6 Axis Robot Welding Machine

6 Axis Robot Welding Machine

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