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2022 Full Gold And Silver Jewelry Laser Cutting Machine Buyer Guides

Sep. 30, 2022

What Is Gold & Silver Jewelry Laser Cutting Machine?


The working principle of the gold & silver laser cutting machine is that the focused laser beam via the head of the cutting machine heat, melt, partially vaporize and liquefy the gold and silver. Its coaxially aligned gas nozzles emit molten substances from the cutting head by momentum transfer, and the interaction between the cutting head and the workpiece to cut gold and silver. The jewelry laser cutter CNC is considered a high-quality cutting machine for material laser processing. Effort-saving can be realized during processing by the adoption of inert gases to generate inert edges.


How Does Jewelry Laser Cutter Work?


The gold & silver laser cutter CNC uses laser energy to heat the material surface to thousands or even tens of thousands of degrees Celsius, resulting in its melting or vaporization. With the vaporized substance discharged and molten substances being blown away by auxiliary high-pressure gases (oxygen or nitrogen and other inert gases), the laser beam moves along a certain trajectory to form a shape on the gold or silver sheet.

What Are The Advantages Of Laser Cutter For Gold And Silver Cutting?


Traditional gold and silver processing generally requires the use of dies, which not only takes longer processing time and processing costs but also has difficulty in ensuring the exact processing density and quality; therefore, the traditional method is hard to meet the needs of modern industrial production timely. In comparison, the jewelry laser cutter CNC effectively makes up for the disadvantages of traditional processing and adapts to the needs of modern production. Its advantages are as follows:


ㆍIt is conducive to optimizing techniques and reducing processing difficulty and intensity. The jewelry laser cutting machine reduces the use of dies, which in turn reduces the time to change molds during processing. It can directly weld and set gold and silver, thus optimizing processing procedures, reducing the processing time, and reducing the processing difficulty and work intensity. Moreover, the gold & silver laser cutter CNC can effectively reduce the use of dies, which can steadily promote product design work and can effectively reduce processing time to be a competitive prerequisite for the development of new products. Therefore, the technology can be applied to the processing and production of small batches of workpieces to shorten the product manufacturing cycle and strictly control the size of the blanking die, so as to steadily facilitate large quantities of processing in the future.

ㆍIt is conducive to improving processing efficiency and processing quality. The gold & silver laser cutting machine is very advanced. Its high precision, speediness, and accurate cutting technique are beneficial to the saving of processing time, one-time forming, improvement of the use of materials and other resources, and improvement of working efficiency. In addition, its characteristics of narrow joints, accurate density, even cutting incision, and fast processing make it possible to improve processing efficiency, enhance the processing quality of gold and silver, and provide reliable quality assurance for its further use. Therefore, the advantages of laser cutting technology should be fully utilized in the processing of gold and silver to successfully carry out high-precision and high-quality processing.

ㆍIt is conducive to reducing processing costs. In the actual application, the jewelry laser cutter CNC efficiently uses the advantages of CNC programming software to strictly and effectively control the processing of relevant processed materials and improve the use rate of gold and silver, resulting in the optimal allocation of processing materials, reduction of waste, and the cost-saving of gold and silver processing for enterprises. Therefore, effective application of CNC programming software needs to be applied in the processing of gold and silver to make the most of its optimal function of material arrangement and thus reduce cutting links and the use of clamp, resulting in the successful completion of the gold and silver processing.

Gold and Silver Laser Cutting Machine


How To Make A Perfect Laser Cutting On Gold Or Silver Metals?


The gold & silver laser cutter CNC has been a widely used jewelry field. Overburning occurs during the operation of the jewelry laser cutter CNC. Avoidance of overburning is extremely critical to the cutting quality. Here are a few viable solutions:


Add cooling point or use ring cutting function


When cutting sharp-edged materials, the position where overburning is more likely to occur is often at the sharp edge. The sharp edge is burnt into a rounded one due to overburning. Therefore, a cooling point can be added on the sharp edge, or a ring cutting function applied to avoid overburning due to low speed and high power at the sharp edge.


Use nitrogen gases


Oxygen gases can be replaced by nitrogen gases in jewelry cutting. Using nitrogen gases as auxiliary gases in cutting makes it possible to avoid adverse chemical reactions. High-quality cutting results in smooth sections, low roughness, and no oxide layer can be achieved due to relatively low temperature around the melting point area, cooling and protective effect of nitrogen gases, and steady reactions.


Increase air pressure


Edge burning can be avoided in the cutting process by the use of nitrogen gases or air as auxiliary gases. However, inner slag occurs frequently due to the high temperature inside the material. Therefore, burr and slag can be reduced by the increase of the pressure of auxiliary gases.


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