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Application of 3D Robot Laser Cutting Machine in Auto Parts Processing

Apr. 04, 2023

The 3D robot fiber laser cutting machine is widely used in the design and manufacture of automobile bodies, mainly used to develop new models, online cutting, and deformed car production, such as cutting prototype car parts, cutting holes, and trimming body panels, and cutting steering wheel holes, body windshield, roof cover bracket holes, airbag parts, hydroformed parts, etc. Therefore, despite the high cost of equipment and large one-time investment, many automobile and aircraft manufacturers have purchased 3D laser cutting machines, and some universities have also purchased corresponding equipment for scientific research. 3D laser technology is bound to play an important role in the manufacturing industry.

3D robot fiber laser cutting machine


BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Fiat, Volvo, Volkswagen, Nissan, and other companies all have five-axis laser processing machines for body processing. The 3D laser cutting machine is also very useful in the processing of the body after assembly, such as opening the luggage rack with fixed holes, roof slide rail holes, antenna mounting holes, modifying the shape of the wheel fender, etc.

Which is better for a 3D robot fiber laser cutting machine?

3D robot fiber laser cutting machine


Vmade 3D Robot laser cutting has a high degree of flexibility. When the workpiece product changes, such as changes in curved surfaces, trimming, and holes, it only needs to change the offline program of laser cutting, because the tooling and fixture used are relatively simple, so It is also convenient to change the fixture. Secondly, compared with other cutting methods, 3D laser cutting has high efficiency, good precision, low pollution, low labor intensity, and cost savings.

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