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GF series thick plate bevel laser cutting machine

Jul. 20, 2022

In the construction machinery, marine industry, we often encounter such a problem, laser cutting machine in the sheet metal processing process, many sheet metal parts need to be welded after cutting, but the vertical cut surface is difficult to weld, but also need to cut a bevel to weld firmly. Now, Vmade GF series flat bevel cutting machine, to solve such problems, reduce the tedious process, abandon the traditional cutting process, greatly save time and cost.

45° bevel laser cutting machine with high efficiency

Ultra-high power cutting head with intelligent control system

Two rotary axes are added to the motor-controlled cutting head

Break the limitation of straight section, 0-45° multi-angle bevel cutting

Multi-shape beveling, one time forming

Plane infinite rotary beveling, 5-axis linked compound motion

Cutting of x-, y-, v- and K-shaped full bevels in one pass

Bevel cutting of carbon steel up to 30mm thick Smooth bevel

Process advantages Efficiency is paramount

Supports tilt piercing and precise positioning after piercing

Avoid heat redundancy in the oscillation process after vertical piercing

Multiple forms of corner transition, corner one cut, multi-cut

New vibration suppression solution, multiple compensation extreme

High strength bed Durable and long lasting

High mechanical strength by applying stress relieving annealing technology

Eliminate the residual stress of the bed to ensure the long-term stability of the machine

Strength guarantees that the bed is not easily deformed for many years

Segmented smoke extraction Precise smoke cleaning

Each section of the bed is equipped with a smoke exhaust device, with precise smoke exhaust

Axial fan surrounded by downward smoke exhaust, 360°strong adsorption

The harmful gases, smoke and dust are clearly filtered out

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