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What Is The Power Consumption of 20,000 Watt Laser Cutting Machine?

Mar. 02, 2023

What Is The Power Consumption of 20,000 Watt Laser Cutting Machine?

Fast, high precision, less waste, eliminating the need for secondary processing, as a product of the new era of technology, laser cutting machine in the metal processing industry is increasingly widely used. In the actual use of the process, customers will also have to consider the cost of use, of which electricity is a factor that has to be considered. So what is the power consumption of 20,000 watts laser cutting machine?

In fact, the use of laser cutting machines in the process of power consumption is mainly in these areas.

First of all, the laser generator, depending on the power of the generator, the general 2000W generator to be in about 30KVA, 4000W generator in about 50KVA, the greater the power consumption; The second is the mechanical part, which includes the servo system, NC, each with the electrical components of electricity, depending on the size of the motor designed to be used by the cutting manufacturer, such as power consumption, generally more than 10KVA. The third is the water cooler, which generally requires more than 20KVA. Fourth air compressor, the power size of the air compressor different laser cutting machine manufacturers require different, but at least 5KVA or more. Fifth, some manufacturers also have some of their own oil return, dust removal devices, and other small features, but the overall power consumption will not be too large. Comprehensive above can be seen, 1 2000W cutting laser machine 1-hour power consumption of about: 65KVA, about 50kw/h.

Parts cut by laser


Of course, the higher the power, the higher its efficiency will be. Take the efficiency of a 20,000W laser cutting machine, the maximum bright surface thickness of carbon steel is 35mm, and the limit cutting thickness can reach 70mm, which can be said to really solve the problem of thick plate cutting effectively for customers. As a leading brand in the laser industry, Vmade laser 20000W equipment is efficient and stable, with excellent cutting effect, and has been widely used in transportation facilities, steel structure industry, sheet metal processing, automobile manufacturing, and other industries. Therefore, if you need to buy laser machine, please investigate Vmade Laser before making a decision.

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