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Ultra-large Format & Ultra-high Power Lead to Efficiency Double Vortex

Feb. 02, 2023

The Origin of 10,000-watt Market--Inevitability of Industry Development

In recent years, Vmade Laser has continuously increased and upgraded the equipment power, which has prompted the fiber laser to continuously exceed 10,000W, 15,000W, and 20,000W in a very short period of time. 16 years of quality precipitation, the common choice of thousands of customers.

Vmade Laser's high-power laser equipment has the advantages of high precision, high speed, and flexible processing. It inherits first-class advanced cutting manufacturing technology and is known as "the fighter in the cutting machine", which can meet the needs of the thick plate processing market to the greatest extent.

What kind of efficiency sparks will high power & large format burst out?


Great achievements   The Wise's Choice

12*2.5m super large format

Majestic model, high-gloss landing

Vmade Laser

At present, Vmadecnclarge-format laser equipment includes 12025GH (12 meters * 2.5 meters), exclusive overweight bed technology to meet the diverse needs of the global market for large metal sheet cutting, and has high-end, high-precision, high-speed high-format cost-effective.


ㆍRapid perforation and efficient empowerment

ㆍEquipped with PRECITEC  laser cutting head.

ㆍAutomatic focus and high precision.

ㆍExtremely fast and stable, low-loss perforation and flexible cutting.

ㆍ50% increase in overall performance

ㆍThe king of material saving, efficiency first

ㆍIncreased efficiency Reduced costs

ㆍWhole board cutting Optimized nesting

ㆍReduced material waste

ㆍ 12 m full and thick plate cutting: fast, stable, high quality

ㆍRock-solid stability without fear of challenge

ㆍHigh stability

ㆍCut thick metal sheets under harsh conditions

ㆍStable cutting for 24 hours


The ultra-large format & ultra-high power equipment is put into production so that customers enter the era of "easy making money  ".With the unique advantages of durability and reliability as well as ultra-high power, it occupies the technical high ground, opens up the technological gap between domestic and foreign large-format cutting machines, enhances the manufacturing strength of large-format cutting machines in the global market, and opens up new horizons for developing the laser market.

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