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What tool can be used to cut steel plates quickly and effectively?

Feb. 02, 2024

In the traditional machinery manufacturing industry, steel plate cutting is a frequently used process. Currently, commonly used cutting equipment on the market includes manual cutting machines, CNC cutting machines, plasma cutting machines and laser cutting machines. So among these common equipment, which tool is better for cutting steel plates?

What tool can be used to cut steel plates quickly and effectively?cid=4 

Manual cutting machines can cut plates with a maximum thickness of 5-60mm. Due to manual control, the cutting and shaping effect is not good; although the efficiency of CNC cutting machines has improved with manual cutting machines, the efficiency and quality are still not particularly ideal.

Plasma cutting speed is fast, especially when cutting ordinary carbon steel. The speed can be up to 5 to 6 times that of oxygen cutting. The cutting surface is smooth and the thermal deformation is small. However, the plasma cutting groove is large, the cutting surface is not smooth enough, and the cutting accuracy is low. Poor verticality of the cutting surface will lead to disadvantages such as harmful gases and arc light. The laser cutting machine is not only much more efficient than plasma cutting, but can also complete non-contact cutting with the surface of the product workpiece. The cutting gap is small, the precision is high, the thermal hazard zone is small, and the cutting inner hole is smooth and burr-free, which greatly improves the efficiency of cutting. The quality and precision can meet the precision processing needs of many industries such as automobile manufacturing, agricultural machinery, aerospace, etc.

What tool can be used to cut steel plates quickly and effectively?cid=4 

What tool is best for cutting steel plates? Still highly recommend laser cutting machine. As a senior global one-stop industrial laser solution provider, Vmade CNC can provide many equipment models including plate cutting, tube cutting, plate and tube integration, flexible automated production lines, flexible bending, etc. Among them, Vmade’s star product cutting board ultra-high power ultra-large format laser cutting machine GH series has brought double improvements in efficiency and quality to steel structure, agricultural machinery and other industries with its high configuration, high performance and high efficiency. It can be adapted to a maximum power of 40000W. Solved the problem of cutting thick plates.

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