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Fiber 3D Laser Marking Machine

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3D dynamic Fiber laser marking machine with Feeltek auto focus,

China famous brand Feeltek F10, F10 pro, F20, F20 pro Autofocus optional

-not noly marking on flat surface, but also apply to curved surface marking and the important is relief on metal

F-10 3D Galvanometer head

F-10 3D Galvanometer head

(1)Double driving Z axis dynamic focus module design,reponse frequency ≥[email protected]±10°.

(2)Designed based on output beam

characteristics of popular laser on the market, maximize the use of optical lens.

(3)Standard XY2-100 protocol, open interface,compatible with popular control card (EZCAD or other brand's control card) on the market.

(4)Support wavelength: 1064nm

Multi-function control card

Multi-function control card

(1)It supports Win2000/XP/Win7/Win8/ Win10 32/64 bit system, Longer stable life. 

(2)it is a control board specially designed for the FEELTEK dynamic focusing system system.

LenMark-3DS contronl program

LenMark-3DS contronl program

(1)Support the import of kinds of vector files and bitmap files.

(2)Support multi correction methods: fast and high precision correction on high precision ideal platform and free adjustment of each position focal point under the non-ideal plane, and finally achieve full format focus consistency.

Technical Parameters


VLF-20/30/50 3D

Cooling way

Air cooling

Max Marking Speed


Line Width


3D Galvo Head

Feeltek / JCZ / Sino Galvo.

Position accurancy


Minimun Character




Laser capacity

30w 50w 100w 200w

Pulse Frequency


Laser module life

100000 Hours

Total Power


Marking area

110*110*60mm, 150*150*60mm, 200*200*80mm, 300*300*80mm.

Operation enviroment

Working temperature: 0°-40°

Storage temperature: -10°-60°.  Humidity: 30% - 85%.

Laser source

Raycus / JPT / IPG

Power supply

AC110V /220V +10% / 50HZ or 60HZ

Package information


Gross weight


Application Industry

(1).3D dynamic focusing products can not only mark the plane, but also the curved surface and the undulating surface.

(2).His biggest advantage is that small mold carving can be done on the metal, and the small carved mold is very delicate.

(3).Compared with the ordinary marking machine system,the dynamic focusing system makes each marking point at the correct focal length,So the laser beam energy is stronger and more delicate,and the marking effect is better.

Fiber 3D Laser Marking Machine

Fiber 3D Laser Marking Machine

Fiber 3D Laser Marking Machine

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