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3D Series

UV 3D Laser Marking Machine

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High Power Laser Cutting Machine

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High Power Laser Cutting Machine

3D dynamic focus laser marking machine
In addition to complete plane marking (Plastic, glass, silicone, 3c, crystal, PCB). 3D laser can mark curved surfaces, mold
engraving and large area marking such like 300*300mm or 400*400mm.

UV Laser Source:JPT/HuaRay/Inngu 3W 5W 10W

UV Laser Source:JPT/HuaRay/Inngu 3W 5W 10W

The 355nm ultraviolet laser has a ultra-small focusing spot, which greatly reduces mechanical distortion and reduces the processing heat affected zone to a very limited area.

F-10 3D Galvanometer head

F-10 3D Galvanometer head

(1)Double driving Z axis dynamic focus module design,reponse frequency ≥100HZ@±10°.

(2)Designed based on output beam

characteristics of popular laser on the market, maximize the use of optical lens.

(3)Standard XY2-100 protocol, open interface,compatible with popular control card (EZCAD or other brand's control card) on the market.

(4)Support wavelength: 1064nm

Motorized Z axis

Motorized Z axis

No longer use manual rotation, we use switches to control the lift

Rotary Device

Rotary Device

Widely used for cylindrical objects, arc-shaped markings, easy to operate. With a rotating card slot on the headeasy installflexible adjustment.

Technical Parameters

Machine Model

3D- 3W 5W 10W 15W

Laser type


Laser source




Control software


Marking Area xyz

MAX support 600*600mm

Graphic format supported


Working voltage

AC220V 50HZ, AC110V 60HZ

Cooling type

Air cooling/Water cooling

Operating parameter






Application Industry

1. Plastic parts, Glass

2. Gold plating, silver and other surface marking

3. oil plastic material surface marking, eg: samsung panel, melamine

4. Mark the surface of dehalogenated elemental materials, eg: IPHONEcharger, connection wire and other peripheral products

5. Daily necessities (beverage packaging, food packaging

6. Marking of cables and cables

7. Various pipe surface marks

8. Flexible materials and carbon fiber cutting

UV 3D Laser Marking Machine

UV 3D Laser Marking Machine

UV 3D Laser Marking Machine

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