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How To Choose A Fiber Laser Cutting Machine?

Jul. 10, 2023

In recent years, laser cutting technology has been widely used in metal cutting and non-metal cutting in the sheet metal and handicrafts processing industry. Laser cutting machine technology has been quite mature in the cutting industry. The market share is very large, but there are still many users who encounter various problems in how to choose a laser cutting machine that suits them. The following VMADE CNC will show you a buying guide for fiber laser cutter machines.

What Is The Best Fiber Laser Cutter for My Business?

What is a fiber laser cutting machine?

A fiber laser cutting machine is a mechanical CNC laser cutting machine. It uses a fiber laser source to output a high-energy-density laser beam, which immediately melts and vaporizes the area illuminated by the ultra-fine focus on the workpiece, and moves the workpiece. Realize the spot irradiation position through the CNC mechanical system, so as to realize the cutting.

Working principle of fiber laser cutting machine

The machine runs on laser light produced by fiber lasers. The laser is generated through an optical path that focuses the fiber laser beam on the substance used with a very high power density. Then, the laser beam is irradiated on the metal surface so that the metal reaches its melting point or boiling point. During this period, the high-pressure gas is connected to the fiber laser beam and blows away the molten or vaporized material.

During all these operations, the laser beam will move corresponding to the metal. Therefore, cut the material and achieve the purpose of cutting

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Video Display

Application of fiber laser cutting machine

The fiber laser machine is specially used to cut various medium and thin metal plates, high-quality carbon steel plates, and can also cut stainless steel plates, aluminum alloy plates, galvanized plates, electrolytic plates, silicon steel, titanium alloys, aluminum-zinc plates, and other metal materials.

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How to choose a fiber laser cutter? (Buying guide)

First of all, we must consider the scope of our business: which metal material will we use? What is the thickness of the metal material? What is the size of our metal material? And factors like that. Then select the laser power of the equipment and the size of the worktable. At present, the power of laser cutting machines on the market is between 500W-12000W, and the overall size of the worktable can be customized according to customer needs.

Some important parts of the laser cutting machine will affect the overall performance of the machine, so you should also pay attention to this when choosing and purchasing. Fiber laser sources, laser cutting heads, servo motors, guide rails, coolers, and other parts directly affect the cutting speed and accuracy of the laser cutting machine, so you need to pay attention. If they all meet your needs, it will be a good choice.

Choose the right laser power according to the cutting ability

The manufacturer should know exactly what material he will cut and its maximum thickness.

1) Please note that the cutting range of the laser source: is the maximum limit thickness, which is only used to make simple patterns. The thickness of mass production means that it can be laser cut into whole sheets and processed in large quantities.
2) The high-power laser light source has high cutting performance for thick stainless steel and high-reflectivity materials such as copper/brass/aluminum. When 3000-12000w laser cuts stainless steel, the cutting ability of different thicknesses is similar.
3) If the manufacturer needs to cut materials with high reflectivities, such as copper, brass, aluminum, etc., it is necessary and recommended to choose a higher-power laser.
4) Choose the brand of laser light source according to the budget.

Laser power

Carbon steel(Maximum cutting thickness

Stainless steel(Maximum cutting thickness)


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Cutting table size options

The standard workbench is 3015, 3000 * 1500mm, which can meet the most common steel plates of 1220 * 2440mm. Ordinary thin steel width 500-1500mm

If you need to cut larger slices, the laser table should be 2000 * 4000mm, 2000 * 6000, or 2500 * 6000mm.

The core part of the laser cutting machine

Some important parts of the laser cutting machine also need to be paid attention to when buying. In particular, the laser generator, laser cutting head, servo motor, guide rail, water tank, etc. must be clearly defined as domestic or imported. These components directly affect the cutting speed and accuracy of the laser cutting machine. Many domestic manufacturers use domestic counterfeit parts to deceive customers.

Equipment quality and stability in use are also important indicators.

Now that the product development cycle is short, the update is faster and faster, there are more product types, more prototype trial production, more mass production, how to maintain quality and quantity to complete customer orders, maintain corporate reputation, and enhance corporate competitiveness. The arduous task facing each operator, Therefore, purchasing stable processing equipment is the prerequisite and basis. Trying to choose a market with a high market share, perfect after-sales service system, after-sales service outlets, and long-term market testing, not only because of low prices, low quality, and no after-sales service Low-cost products will have a huge impact on the company’s production.

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Cutting speed selection

The cutting speed of the laser cutting machine is selected according to the thickness of the cut sheet, and different cutting speeds will have a great impact on the quality of the laser cutting machine. Choosing the right cutting speed can not only improve the efficiency of the laser cutting machine but also obtain good cutting quality. This is the effect of different cutting speeds on cutting quality:

The effect of too fast laser cutting feed speed on cutting quality

· It may not cause cuts and sparks will fall off.

· Certain areas can be removed, but certain areas cannot be removed.

· Causes the entire cut part to thicken, but there is no fusible generation.

· The cutting feed speed is too fast, resulting in the inability to cut the printing plate in time, the cutting part shows diagonal lines, and the lower part produces fusion stains.

The effect of too slow laser cutting feed speed on cutting quality

· Causes the cutting board to melt excessively and the cut part is rough.

· The slits will be widened accordingly, causing the entire area to melt into smaller rounded or sharp corners, failing to obtain the desired cutting effect.

· The cutting efficiency is low, which affects the production capacity.

· Appropriate cutting feed speed selection: the feed speed can be determined from the cutting sparks: generally cutting sparks are scattered from top to bottom, if the sparks are inclined, the feed speed is too fast; if the sparks do not disperse and decrease, they will condense together, The feed speed is too slow. At an appropriate cutting speed, the cutting surface shows smoother lines, and the lower half of the board does not fuse.

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The initial selection of laser cutting machine manufacturers

After determining the demand, we must go to the market or go to the colleague who bought the laser cutting machine to understand the performance and basic parameters of the machine. Then select a few strong, price-competitive manufacturers for communication and proofing in the early stage. If the sample can meet your requirements, we can go to the manufacturer to check the price of the machine, the training of the machine, the payment method, etc. at a later stage.


How much does a fiber laser cutting machine cost?

When deciding the budget for purchasing the machine, the cost of the laser cutting machine and the manufacturer should be considered.

The price of a fiber laser machine will vary depending on the laser power, type, lamp, lens, mirror, etc. specifications, and configuration. In addition, the rate may vary depending on the quality of the laser engraving machine. Tool.

Different manufacturers have different price/performance ratios of fiber laser machines. As a professional CNC fiber laser cutting machine manufacturer, VMADE CNC provides free service and support, which helps to understand the real needs of customers.

The price range of fiber cleavers usually ranges from $3,000.00 to $300,000.00, and the price may increase or decrease according to the configuration and requirements of different companies.

Fiber laser cutting applications have opened up many ways for complex processing and cutting of multiple materials.  With many advantages, such as excellent surface treatment, good edge detail, and extremely high tolerances, it creates opportunities for cost-effective parts and components manufacturing compared to traditional methods.

The above is VmadeCNC’s guide on how to buy a fiber laser cutter, Contact the VmadeCNC team now to learn how fiber laser cutting machines for metals can reduce your costs and increase the efficiency of the manufacturing process.  We can help determine the appropriate laser source, beam delivery, and cutting parameters.  Recommend to you the most suitable equipment for your factory.

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