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Laser Cutting Can Cut What Thickness Steel Plate

Feb. 16, 2023

1. The cutting ability of laser cutting machines are determined by its power, the higher of the power, the thicker cutting thickness of the sheet metal!

2. 1000w fiber laser cutting machine can cut carbon steel plates about 10mm, and stainless steel plates are slightly difficult to cut. Generally, if cut 10mm thickness iron plates, the power source more than 1000W is suitable. But 2000w or 3000w cutting effect will be better. The higher of power, the faster of cutting speed and the thicker of cutting thickness!

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3. For example, Jinan VMADE Laser 6000W fiber laser cutting machine, it can cut 25mm thickness carbon steel, and 12000W fiber laser cutting machine can cut 50mm thickness carbon steel. The 20000w laser cutting machine can cut carbon steel to 80mm, and the cutting quality is good, without burrs and dross.

4. VMADE Laser 20000w fiber laser cutting machine has the maximum cutting capacity in industrial applications. The cutting speed is about 1.7mm/min when cut 20mm oxygen carbon steel; the cutting speed of 25mm oxygen carbon steel is 1.4mm/min; The 30mm oxygen carbon steel cutting speed is 1.1mm/min. The equipment runs stably.


5. The cutting ability of the fiber laser cutting machine is also related to various factors such as the quality of the cutting machine, the type of laser, the cutting environment and the cutting speed. Using auxiliary gas can also improve the cutting ability to a certain extent, so there is no absolute standard to judge its cutting thickness.

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