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Pipe Cutting New Era

Oct. 24, 2022

Laser tube cutting machines empower the fitness equipment industry

After the baptism of COVID-19, people pay more attention to health, and the awareness of sports and fitness is rapidly awakened. In 2020, 435 million people often participate in sports in China, with an increase of 27 million in 2019. The era of national health has come, and the outlet of great health has appeared in front of everyone. Driven by the tide of the times, the health equipment manufacturing industry has made breakthroughs and risen up!

Industry failure analysis of 2020

Do you also have such difficulties in laser tube cutting?

Pipe Cutting New EraPipe Cutting New Era
The waste of pipes is serious and the bearing capacity is insufficientThe severe shortage of technician and excessive pipe material l waste
Pipe Cutting New EraPipe Cutting New Era
Tube cutting process lag, Poor cutting accuracyLow pipe cutting efficiency and high pipe cutting cost

Automatic loading and unloading pipe cutting machine MA series to solve the above industry pain points


High-precision, high-yield, material-saving, time-saving...what you want, it has it!

Break through the waste of tailing, the small load-bearing chuck, insufficient clamping force, and the limitation of pipe shape...

Many production deficiencies, it has been breaking through one by one!

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