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The Beauty of Industry-Million Watts of Laser

Oct. 14, 2022

A million watts of laser helps the development of high-end doors, windows and stairs.

Home decorations made by laser cutting

Since the hot of the real estate market, the implementation of the old housing renovation policy, gradually led to the development of the home improvement industry market, the decoration industry has become a sunrise industry in recent years, and exquisite, stylish decorative style is also liked by many people. And people usually focus on the closely related doors and windows, stairs industry when renovating.

The laser hollowing elements into the doors and windows, stairs, let it become gorgeous and exquisite, activate the beauty of the art of metal, laser cutting process has undoubtedly become the new favorite in the door and window stairs industry. With the national policy regulation, the 14th Five-Year Plan also put forward higher standards and requirements for the doors and windows, stairs industry, high-performance energy-saving doors and windows and ultra-low energy stairs have become the mainstream choice, fiber laser cutting machines with high precision, small slit, smooth cutting surface advantages occupy the metal doors and windows stairs industry, becoming the main processing tool in its industry.

A million watts of laser helps the development of high-end doors, windows and stairs

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