Backpack Laser Rust Removal Machine

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Backpack Laser Rust Removal Machine

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VLC-100W is a backpack laser rust removal machine. It is free to wrok outdoor or in air on platform, like on bridge, buliding walls, tower etc.

For some outside cleaning job, it is not easy to carry a big machine with the operator. So backpack laser cleaning machine is the best choice. Easy to carry and operation.Free to move anywhere you like.

It can remove the grease, dirt, coating, paint, rust, residue, oxide layer, and other target materials with high efficiency, high performance, low cost and without harm to the base material. It can meet the cleaning requirements of complex modeling and fine positioning in the industrial processing field, achieving a cleaner cleaning effect and a lower overall production cost.

Small Weight

Small Weight

Small design and light to carry on shoulders ONLY 12.5KG

Laser Cleaning Head

Laser Cleaning Head

● Portable design

● Lightweight Design

● Handheld/Automatic

● Dual Shaft Cleaning Head

Size: 235×116×51mm

Hand Head Weight: 0.9KG

Multi-Language Menu

Multi-Language Menu

● Multi-Language Menu

● Speedy Laser Removal

● Easy Operate Touch Screen

● Clean and Chemical Free

Technical Parameters



Laser Power

100w Fiber Laser (Pulsed)

Laser Frequency


Fiber Cable Length


Cooling Method

Air Cooling

Scan Speed

up to 30000mm/s

Scan Mode

7 patterns

Scan Width



336mm x 129mm x 400/500mm (with/without Li-battery)

Net Weight


Power Supply

AC 110v - 240v, 50Hz/60Hz & Lithium Battery

Application Industry

NDT Mining, Rust Removal, automobile and marine restoration, filtration cleaning, machinery maintenance, metal fabricators, restoration industries, Paint Laser Descaler

Backpack Laser Rust Removal Machine

Backpack Laser Rust Removal Machine

Backpack Laser Rust Removal Machine

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