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Portable Laser Cleaning Machine

Suitcase Portable Laser Cleaning Machine

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High Power Laser Cutting Machine

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High Power Laser Cutting Machine


About Suitcase Portable Laser Cleaning Machine

Our suitcase fiber laser cleaning machine system is one of the advanced products developed by Vmade. It has the same appearance as a suitcase and is very convenient to carry and move. Using the high energy efficiency and instantaneous high temperature of the laser to strip and evaporate the impurities and materials that need to be removed on the surface, it can remove rust, paint, grease, dirt, coatings, residues, oxide layers and other target materials with high efficiency, high performance and low cost. No harm to the substrate.

Whole Cover Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Machine Features

Machine Features

-The laser cleaning machine relies on the advantages of the MOPA structure and it adopts 100 watts JPT brand pulsed fiber laser source as the cleaning light source.This MOPA type fiber laser source has the characteristics of independently adjustable pulsed width and frequency.

It can maintain a high and stable peak laser power output even when the pulse width and frequency are changed to adapt to a wide range of cleaning situations.

-The portable laser head is small and light-weight,it can be used for a long time.

-No need chemical detergent, no consumable

-The button and handle are integrated design,it's very easy to use.

-It has portable and integrated design,super integrated injection molding body, slow down attacking design, it is compressive,anti-drop and wear-resistant.

-It adopts draw-bar box design,can be carried easily for high-speed railway or air shipment.



Any workpiece can be easilyrust removal Safety protect.Double-click to start work.



Remote control parameters Small and convenient

The parameters can be set in advance and then

imported and used Power parameters can be adjusted

Technical Parameters


Fiber Laser Cleaning Machine

Laser source

JPT fiber laser

Laser power


Supply voltage

Single-phase 220V±10%, 50/60Hz AC

Machine power consumption

2500W(within water chiller)

Output working method


Output armor cable length


cooling method


Supply voltage


Maximum power consumption


Whether anti-high reflection


Storage temperature range


Washing machine size


Package dimensions



Net weight 28Kg     Gross weight 46Kg

Laser head weight


Place of origin

Shenzhen China(Mainland)


1 year

Application Industry

Suitcase Portable Laser Cleaning Machine 100W is applied to mechanical processing, cultural relics restoration, mold cleaning, food processing, electronic circuits and other industries.

With the characteristics of precise positioning, it can meet the processing of a variety of modeling workpieces and achieve efficient cleaning.

Suitcase Portable Laser Cleaning Machine

Suitcase Portable Laser Cleaning Machine

Suitcase Portable Laser Cleaning Machine

Whole Cover Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Whole Cover Fiber Laser Cutting Machine


Q1.Purchase information:

Payment: TT, L/C

Packaging: Export fumigation-free wooden box

Warranty: The warranty period is three years.

Q2. Warranty period:

3 year warranty, the machine has problems during the warranty period, and the main parts (except consumables) are replaced free of charge (some parts are repaired).

Q3. Can you recommend a MACHINE to me?

Yes, in order to recommend you a suitable machine, please tell us the max working area, materials to be processed and expected product results.

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