High Power Handheld  Laser Cleaning Machine

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High Power Handheld Laser Cleaning Machine

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Hand-held laser cleaning machine uses high-frequency and high-energy laser pulses to irradiate the surface of the workpiece, so that the surface oil, rust or coating evaporates or peels instantly. Its characteristics are not to damage the part matrix, no consumables, energy saving and environmental protection, and efficient removal of resin on the surface of the workpiece.

Handheld cleaning head

Handheld cleaning head

Simple handheld structure, portable. Ergonomic design.

Easy to operate. Detachable flexible front end, achieve auto focus.

Raycus Laser Generator 1000W

Raycus Laser Generator 1000W

Raycus has an effcient and professional R&D and production team, which is the top quality in China.

The lasers have higher electro-optical conversion efficiency higher and more stable optical quality.



The special water cooling machine for laser rust removal machine, ensures the stable operation and safety of the Laser cleaning equipment.

Eco and Environmental protection

Eco and Environmental protection

High cleaning cleanliness.Precise cleaning, with accurate location.protect the surface of brittle materials. effectively clean up micron-level pollution particles. safe and environmental protection,no consumables. The laser cleaning machine does not use chemical cleaning fluid, thus avoiding the damage to the material caused by chemical corrosion.

Technical Parameters

Item No.

Continuous Wave Cleaning Laser

Laser Power




Laser Wavelength


Pulse Energy


Fiber Length

8-10m15m20m Optional

Laser Cleaning Head Weight


Scanning Width



380V, 50/60Hz

Cooling Method


Working Temperature


Application Industry

Rust RemovalOxide RemovalMolding CleaningSurface Preparation
Coatings RemovalWeld Pre-treatmentGluing Pre-treatmentRemoval of Oil and Grease
Paint RemovalSurface CleaningStain RemovalSurface Roughening
Tool CleaningHistoric RestorationSelective Paint RemovalPrecise Cleaning

High Power Handheld  Laser Cleaning Machine

High Power Handheld  Laser Cleaning Machine

High Power Handheld  Laser Cleaning Machine

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